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Meet Rob

Rob is an Ultra-High Resolution Video Specialist.  He started his video career in 2005 cleaning mud off of 300' 5-Wire cables after a State Fair.  Remember those?  Since then, Rob has become a leading expert in video production for live events. In 2012 he founded Ranimmo Media Services LLC to provide the very best in High-Resolution, Multi-Format video engineering for live events. 

Since beginning his career Rob has specialized in large scale events for a wide range of clients.  He has worked on corporate meetings, film and television projects as well as concerts and music festivals.

Whatever your video needs, Rob's got your back.


The world of video changes at a rapid pace.  There are always new technologies and standards coming out and it can be hard to keep track of it all.  That's why we keep track of it for you.  No matter what size event you have, Ranimmo Media Services can help you plan it and execute it.  From concept to design to show, we can help you navigate the ever changing world of live video production.

And with specialization in Spyder X80 and Barco E2 switchers we can help move your show forward into the world of 4K and UHD resolutions, giant LED Walls, huge projection widescreens, and anything else you can imagine.

Barco E2

Pre-Pro &


Spyder X80






We love math so you don't have to!  Check out these handy excel calculators we've made.  And if you have any requests drop us a line!  We will see what we can whip up.

Widescreen Blend Calc

There are many widescreen calculators out there, but none like this.  It provides pixel counts for the Spyder, screen measurements for projection and even calculates resolution loss when scaling.  And it prints out into a handy packet that separates out into pages that you can hand off to your graphics Op, Spyder Op, and Projectionist!  Neat!  Not to mention those beautiful visualizations!  We take pride in this calculator.  Make sure you enable Macros to get access to all the features!

Camera FOV Calc

Calculate your field of view with broadcast sports lenses!  There are lots of FOV calcs out there for still cameras, but few use the lens measuring system that we  Broadcast cameras.  Added Bonus: it even has an extender option and will tell you the light loss the extender causes!  Sweet. This is our favorite calculator because the math behind it is so fun.  Who doesn't love some trig?

Aspect Ratio Crop Calc

This is a simple calculator for Pillar Boxing and Letterboxing.  Need to crop out those nasty black pixels for a PiP?  This calculator will tell you exactly how much to crop out.



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